Dreamy Bean Festive Quiz 2020

FOR ANSWERS SCROLL BELOW 1. Which of these is not one of Santa’s reindeer? a) prancer b) dancer c) bouncer 2. What helps a tiger navigate in the dark? a) their fur b) their whiskers c) their claws d) their tail 3. It

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Wimbledon Celebration!

Ok, I must admit that when I joined Nairobi tea and coffee company my knowledge of coffee at home was limited to getting a spoon of instant coffee out of a jar, adding hot water, and hey presto! you have a decent cup

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Environmentally friendly

Here at Nairobi Coffee we pride ourselves in being as environmentally friendly as possible. In recent years we have taken our efforts in being as green as possible by setting up our own rainforest saving branch called Rainforest Resource. Rainforest Resource is our

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