Here at Nairobi Coffee we pride ourselves in being as environmentally friendly as possible. In recent years we have taken our efforts in being as green as possible by setting up our own rainforest saving branch called Rainforest Resource. Rainforest Resource is our own branch which protects endangered rainforest. In doing do this we are actively preventing global warming, protecting ecosystems and providing sustainable jobs for local people. The current funding we supply is based in Rio Ene Peru and involves the Cutivereni, Parijaro and Camatatavishi communities. Since starting this initiative we have personally protected: and You can also show your support by buying our new Rainforest Alliance coffee in the Certified Coffees section of our shop. On August the 9th it’s International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. This is observed each year to promote and protect the rights of the world’s indigenous peoples, something which is at the heart of what Cool Earth does. We’ve also put together a special video, highlighting how a healthy forest, means healthy families which you can watch and share.