Almond Creme


This flavour is reminiscent of a visit to the Italian Province of Lombardy with their selection of desserts, cakes and biscotti. A taste of Sweet Almonds with a hint of Vanilla and a smooth creamy taste, making you reminisce of the classic end to an excellent meal in a cafe in a lost corner of Italy on a summer’s day.
Occasion – Dinner, Dessert
Available in beans and cafetiere grind.

A little about our beans…
We use a medium roast Colombian coffee, which is a solid medium mellow coffee. The coffee should always complement the drink but should never overpower. It’s all about balancing the flavours to enhance the overall experience.

Almond Creme Flavoured Coffee – If you love the taste of a creamy, nutty almond with a pleasant aroma this coffee is for you. Perfect accompaniment to a plate of biscuits or a great film