Strawberries and Cream


Freshly picked wild strawberries with a fruity, sweet and mildly acid flavour topped with lashings of cold cream makes you wish summer would last forever with their long drawn out days and warm evening. Truly a match made in heaven and now you can enjoy the taste of summer all year long with this coffee.
Occasion – All day, thinking of summer
Available in beans and cafetiere grind.

A little about our beans…
We use a medium roast Colombian coffee, which is a solid medium mellow coffee. The coffee should always complement the drink but should never overpower. It’s all about balancing the flavours to enhance the overall experience.


Strawberries and Cream flavoured coffee.

A beautiful seasonal coffee however you drink it.  The perfect beverage to keep you company during your Wimbledon viewing. Why not try Strawberries and Cream flavoured coffee in our most recent recipe?  Amazing ice cream and luscious macerated strawberries concoction. 

We hope you like it as much as we do!