Ok, I must admit that when I joined Nairobi tea and coffee company my knowledge of coffee at home was limited to getting a spoon of instant coffee out of a jar, adding hot water, and hey presto! you have a decent cup of coffee. Boy was I wrong…. I never knew how good coffee could taste until I started working here. The different types of beans, how they are roasted and the amazing flavour profiles and tasting notes. I could go on and on – and these are just beans WITHOUT ANYTHING ADDED!!!! Well, unless you like your coffee sweet and creamy…. Alongside these amazing little gems, Nairobi creates flavoured coffee under the brand Dreamy Bean – think Baskin and Robbins, but for coffee – which you could drink black, with a splash of cream or turn them into magical creations that can transport you to another place or awaken nostalgic memories. Every month, a new recipe can be found guaranteed to entice your taste buds! Trust me, you don’t need to be a barista or even need fancy gadgets – you’ll still be left with a feeling of ‘mmmm….’! This month we are honouring a tradition that’s almost 150 years old – Wimbledon!!!! Enjoy our divine strawberries and cream flavoured coffee in this amazing ice cream and luscious macerated strawberries concoction. Just scroll below for the recipe and step by step instructions. Don’t forget to let us know what you think ???? Dee xx